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The Creative Fund is redistributing the crowdfunding wealth to encourage and inspire more creators, especially those who are starting out. Let’s make this grow together.

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Creators We Pledged To
“Thank you for your support! It means a lot to us and every pledge helps us to get closer to our goal! What a brilliant idea to support every launched Kickstarter project!”
Delphine Bueche
Creator of My Name is Dorothy
Creators We Pledged To
“Every dollar counts toward my goal and I am so grateful for all of the support I've received. Thank you for being my first investor.”
Brianna Marie
Creator of Anapestic Remarks
Our Community
“I like the idea—it’s like universal basic income for creators in a way!”
Luke M.
Pledged to The Creative Fund
Our Mission:

A Universal Basic Pledge for Creators

Creativity is an essential part of what makes the internet an amazing place. For over a decade, Kickstarter has been a place for independent creators to bring their passions to life. But, if you’ve ever ran you own campaign, you know how difficult it can be to start out. The sad truth is, 41% of launched projects don’t reach their funding goal. We want to change that!

We decided to experiment a little and give $1 to every Kickstarter project. While $1 doesn’t seem like a lot, we received an overwhelming amount of appreciation from thousands of creators for just believing in them. We remember that exact feeling of being really excited about the first dollar we raised when we ran a crowdfunding campaign, and we want to pay it forward.

This is why The Creative Fund exists—we wanted to create a “Universal Basic Pledge” to support and encourage independent creators from every corner of the world. We believe everyone deserves a chance. We invite those who share our excitement to help nurture this creative economy together.

How It Works:

It Takes a Village

Every day, The Creative Fund pledges a dollar to every single newly launched Kickstarter project once it launches. This happens automatically with or without this Patreon, to fulfill our mission of supporting every creator.

So while we give a little to all, we also aspire to make a significant impact for individual creators.

That’s where you come in. Each month, 100% of the funds raised in Patreon will go towards a single "Kickstarter project of the month" that will be nominated and voted on by the community. In addition, the winning project will get a feature in BackerKit’s "Staff Favorites" newsletter, which regularly refers dozens of new pledges.

Contribute $1 or more per month and you and get to vote. At the $10 "Nomination Tier" you can nominate your favorite project. And there’s all sorts of other goodies in between.

Check out The Creative Fund’s Patreon and join the cause!

Get Involved:

Join the Community!

Whether you're an independent creator, avid Kickstarter backer, or a newcomer looking to support creativity, we invite you to leave your mark! We want YOU to help shape The Creative Fund and think of more ways we can help more creators.

If you can’t currently contribute to the fund and want to check out what we’re up to, you can sign up for our mailing lists.

The Creative Fund is a community project and we’re excited to have you involved! Please email us with your ideas, feedback and questions at hi {at} thecreative {dot} fund.

Thank you for supporting independent creators and strengthening the creative economy with us!